Block Wig

Blocking & Fitting A Wig Workshop

This fast pace crash course will give you the skills and knowledge that you’ll need to have when it comes to blocking a wig and fitting it to the head. You will learn how to block a wig to a malleable block ready for dressing-out, using industry tools materials and products to do this. You will also learn how to wrap your own hair and prepare it for a wig application, and then fit the wig using the correct industry techniques. If you want to work in theatre or film as a makeup artist or wig mistress then this knowledge is an absolute *must know! Your day will start with a chat about the different industry tools and where to buy them and the different type of wigs available and what you can and can’t do with them. You will also cover health, safety & hygiene

1 DAY: 10am – 3pm £100

Maximum 6 students per workshop

Blazing Sables Certificates are presented at the end of the course